Marco Pracucci

Best gzip compression with grunt-contrib-compress

by Marco Pracucci Comments

Today I just noticed that grunt-contrib-compress gzip’s default compression level has not been set to BEST_COMPRESSION, causing some assets not getting compressed to their optimal size. Changing this setting we’ve gained a 20% increased compression ratio on SVG icons.

I highly recommend you to import zlib in your Gruntfile.js:

var zlib = require("zlib");

and then add the level option to your grunt-contrib-compress task:

options: {
    mode: 'gzip',
    level: zlib.Z_BEST_COMPRESSION

Please note that the zlib constant has changed with Node 7.x. It’s zlib.Z_BEST_COMPRESSION on Node 6.x, while zlib.constants.Z_BEST_COMPRESSION on Node 7.x.

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