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Compile ffmpeg libs on Windows with Visual Studio compiler

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Today I spent some time to compile ffmpeg libs on Windows. Most documentation out there is not updated to 2015, yet compiling ffmpeg on Windows is pretty easy. If you’re looking for a copy and paste solution, keep reading.



Visual Studio

Latest ffmpeg versions compile both with Visual Studio 2013 and 2015. Previous versions don’t compile with VS2015 because they expect that VS compiler has no snprintf support while it was introduced in VS2015.


  1. Download and run the installer at ​ Follow the instructions and install it in C:\workspace\windows\msys64
  2. Install required tools: pacman -S make gcc diffutils
  3. Rename C:\workspace\windows\msys64\usr\bin\link.exe to C:\workspace\windows\msys64\usr\bin\link_orig.exe, in order to use MSVC link.exe (naming conflict)


  1. Download Win64.exe and move it to C:\workspace\windows
  2. Rename yasm-<version>-win64.exe to yasm.exe
  3. Add C:\workspace\windows to PATH environment variable (setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\workspace\windows)

Ready to compile

Launch msys2 shell from Visual Studio Code shell

  1. Run VS2013 prompt
  2. Run C:\workspace\windows\msys64\msys_shell.bat: will open msys2 shell inheriting %PATH% from VS2013 prompt
  3. Ensure which cl exists and which link points to MSVC
  4. cd /c/path/to/ffmpeg
  5. ./configure and make

Basic configure switches:

./configure \
    --toolchain=msvc \
    --arch=x86 \
    --enable-yasm \
    --enable-shared \

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