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The unsurprisingly great Spreaker retreat

by Marco Pracucci Comments

The first Spreaker retreat in Barcelona, Spain, is getting over, and it was definitely great. I had the chance to personally meet people I only talked to on Slack or Hangout before, share ideas with colleagues, doing business, meet some of our spanish customers, and have fun with social activities, like an escaping game (where unfortunately my team lost), photo shooting on the seaside, and city sightseeing.

Pack it into 4 full days, and you can realize how busy we were.

The organization was perfect. Everything was scheduled and run smoothly: no dead times, yet no hurry at the same time. Giada took care of that and she really did a good job.

During these days, several Spreakers gave a talk: the CEO showed his vision over the next year, our designer Brigita gave a UX Personas workshop, Rocco introduced non-engineers to the pomodoro technique, Alessandro showed us the technology behind the new Android app, Tonia presented his thoughts on customer support, Rob did the same about the industry and I personally gave some Slack pro tips.

Those talks was really good, but the most valuable to me was the talk from Emanuele, the engineer behind the Spreaker Studio for Desktop app. He joined the company about 8 months ago, and took the chance to tell us how was it moving to Spreaker.

It was an opportunity to understand what did work and what didn’t. When you work in a company since 6 years you tend to forget how hard it is starting something new. Listening to him was like drawing in my mind a checklist of things to do to improve.

A total honesty from newcomers makes me feel we’re building the company culture in the right way.

I noticed total honesty and transparency from him: it made me feel comfortable we’re building the right company culture. People is not scared to talk about what’s working and what’s not, and to push ideas to improve our working environment. Every feedback matters, everyone makes the difference and everyone knows to make the difference.

Everyone knows to make the difference.

Thanks Spreaker for such a great retreat… looking forward to attend the next one!

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