Marco Pracucci

Electron - Open DevTools in a popup

by Marco Pracucci Comments

When you open a new window with in Electron, DevTools are closed by default and there’s no key binding to open it. However, you can run the following code in the main window to get the reference to the popup’s BrowserWindow and openDevTools().

var remote = require("remote");
var BrowserWindow = remote.require("browser-window");
var windows = BrowserWindow.getAllWindows();

// Look for the popup window and then...

<img src=”/assets/2015-07-02-electron-popup-devtools-ee6f438ff9b89e8a215d6247ee82b59cbe9237c7c49230be3daef07f47cabb0a.gif” width=681 height=583 width=”682” height=”563” alt=”2015-07-02-electron-popup-devtools.gif”>

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