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Copy the text selection to Clipboard, using Javascript

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Few days ago, Firefox announced the support to document.execCommand("copy") in the upcoming version 41.0 (currently in Beta). This change makes a step forward towards a Flash-free world (fallbacks are Flash based). Copying text selection to Clipboard is now available on all modern browsers, except Safari.

How it works

The execCommand("copy") API is only available during a user-triggered callback (ie. a click). When triggered, it copies the current selection to the clipboard. Using is is very straightforward and just requires a couple of lines of code.

<textarea id="input">Some text to copy.</textarea>
<button id="copy-button">Copy</button>

    var input  = document.getElementById("input");
    var button = document.getElementById("copy-button");

    button.addEventListener("click", function (event) {

Browsers support

To keep it simple, most modern browers are supported, except Safari. It’s actually an huge lack, we hope will get fixed soon.

Chrome > 43.0.2356
Firefox >= 41.0
Opera >= 30 (release notes)
IE >= 9 (allows it to be called at any time, but prompts a confirmation dialog)
Safari Not supported

For more details, please check out

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